You Down with EPP, Ya You Know Me

Hey all,
How’s your life? We’re rocking the wheels of steel here at El Pea Productions. Aside from making some killer videos for TD and Canadian Living, we’re working on a siiiiick ad campaign, using CG animation. We’re so excited to put it on the site. What are you up to? We were at a shoot the other day, in downtown Toronto, and had to stop filming because this crazy dude decided to start peeing right in our shot. So ya, that’s something new.
What other industry can you actually stop working because a drunk dude is peeing, and the fact that he’s doing that, is actually inhibiting your work? Gotta love it. Seen any cool viral videos these days? Check this one out. Whoever made this is super creative, which is impressive, but also has a lot of time, which I’m either jealous of our frightened of. Either way, check it out:
Until next time, keep filming everything.

El Pea Productions

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